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Nationwide residential used cooking oil collection program underway in Hungary

Photo: Alteo Group

Shell Hungary, Alteo Group and Biotrans are beginning a nationwide residential used cooking oil collection program across Hungary.

Out of the 193 members of Shell’s network in Hungary, it is now possible to drop off used cooking oil at 44 filling stations, after the company implemented its household used cooking oil collection program in cooperation with Alteo.

By the end of this year, a total of 120 Shell stations will be able to receive household used cooking oil in Alteo’s dedicated 240-liter (63.4-gallon) plastic collection containers.

Photo: Alteo Group

“By the end of 2022, anyone can put the [used] cooking oil produced at home in a sealed container or PET bottle into the collection container that will be available at a total of 120 Shell filling stations,” Alteo stated Sept. 19.

Alteo’s partner, Biotrans, transports the filled collection containers to its own site, where the collected used cooking oil is poured into larger containers.

“After the sedimentation process, it is transported to biofuel production plants, where biodiesel is made from it,” Alteo stated.

“At Alteo, we know that the circular economy is not only our future, but also our present,” said Attila Chikán Jr., CEO of Alteo. “We are constantly looking for collaborative partners within and outside the industry, with whom we can work not only on joint, good business solutions but also on initiatives that support a change of attitude.”

Andrea Solti Istenes, country chair of Shell Hungary, stated, “I am proud to share that we have launched a new service that allows customers to recycle their leftover cooking oils at Shell service stations in Hungary. Together with our partner Alteo Group, we provide a convenient solution to drop off and collect household cooking oils. Shell Hungary is working with customers to reduce the environmental footprint and promote a circular economy as progress towards a carbon-neutral and more sustainable future is a main business priority for Shell, both globally and in Hungary.”

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