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National Biodiesel Board officially becomes Clean Fuels Alliance America

Donnell Rehagen, CEO of Clean Fuels Alliance America, discussed the rebranding effort and a new book written by Ron Kotrba, editor and publisher of Biobased Diesel Daily, during the opening general session for the annual event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 18. (Photo: Ron Kotrba, Biobased Diesel Daily)

The National Biodiesel Board unveiled Jan. 18 its new name and new brand, Clean Fuels Alliance America, during the opening session of the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo. The transformation to Clean Fuels helps further the organization’s position as a proven, innovative part of America’s clean energy mix and helps the industry represent all its industry members: biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuels.

“Our industry has seen and will continue to see significant growth as the world around us focuses on clean energy,” said Donnell Rehagen, CEO of Clean Fuels. “We are an integral part of the solution for sustainable energy that’s not only affordable but also scalable and available now. Further, our new name and brand represents the connected energies of our members and positions our industry for a clean fuels future.”

The National Biodiesel Conference & Expo’s theme for 2022 is “All In” and represents the momentum being carried by all players in the biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel industry. This year, more than 600 attendees are hearing from experts on supply and decarbonization and the opportunities ahead for the industry as a whole.

The three-day conference is the industry’s premier educational event featuring speakers from across the supply chain. This year’s speaking roster ranges from soybean farmers and engine manufacturers to fuel producers and former members of Congress.

“The industry packs a lot of networking and education into the conference, covering economics and technical and policy trends,” Rehagen said. “The conference offers something new for everyone, regardless of experience in our industry. We’re celebrating 30 years of clean fuels innovation and are excited to continue connecting people to accelerate America’s clean fuel future and drive industry growth.”

During the conference, Rehagen shared with attendees copies of a new book that delves into the organization’s three-decade tenure, The Birth of American Biodiesel: Biographical Accounts Celebrate 30 Years of Pioneers, Leaders and the Bold Vision for the National Biodiesel Board, by Ron Kotrba, owner of RonKo Media Productions LLC and editor and publisher of Biobased Diesel Daily.

“It seemed appropriate, as we sought to rebrand our organization, to take the time to recognize the efforts of many of those before us that went into building this wonderful industry and organization,” Rehagen said. “We commissioned this book for that purpose, and I am extremely proud of it and grateful to all of those who had an early vision of an industry like this.”

Clean Fuels also welcomed two Biodiesel Ambassadors to the program and hosted the next generation of biodiesel scientists, which gives college students the opportunity to network with those experienced in the industry.

About Clean Fuels Alliance America

Made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean oil, and animal fats, the clean fuels industry is a proven, integral part of America’s clean energy future. Clean Fuels Alliance America is the U.S. trade association representing the entire biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel supply chain, including producers, feedstock suppliers and fuel distributors. Clean Fuels receives funding from a broad mix of private companies and associations, including the United Soybean Board and state checkoff organizations.

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