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Murex adds unit train-capable renewable diesel transloading service in New Orleans

Aerial view of Gulf Gateway Terminal at the Port of New Orleans (Photo: Murex LLC)

Murex LLC, a low carbon fuels marketing and logistics company, announced that it has secured transloading contracts through its affiliate, Gulf Gateway Terminal LLC, with two separate fuel distributor customers that rail renewable product into the California market.

Murex owns and operates GGT in the Port of New Orleans, which has both barge and unit-train access. GGT has connectivity to six Class 1 railroads in North America, including the UP, BNSF, CSX, CN, KCS/KSCM, and NS. Once the KCS/CP merger is complete, GGT will have connectivity to all Class 1 railroads in North America. GGT has recently started a renewable diesel barge-to-rail transloading service in addition to conventional diesel service and has optionality to add additional products. GGT’s unsurpassed rail connectivity enables customers to reach markets beyond California as well, with access to Canada, Mexico, and all contiguous 48 states as well as Alaska.

North American rail connectivity map from Gulf Gateway Terminal (Image: Murex LLC)

“Murex is committed to offering our customers unique transportation solutions into premium low-carbon markets,” said Robert Wright, president and co-founder of Murex. “We are proud to offer renewable diesel service from Gulf Gateway Terminal that offers ultimate optionality—to California, Canada and beyond as carbon markets develop.”

In addition to offering logistics solutions to its customers, Murex also markets products from 12 biofuels plants domestically, and is exploring relationships with several others in the growing renewable fuels space.

Plano, Texas-based Murex trades approximately 2 billion gallons of product across 48 states and 20-plus countries worldwide. The company has been in business more than 30 years and operates across multiple commodities including renewable fuels, ethanol, crude, methanol, jet fuel, and diesel. Named the second-largest private company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2019, Murex earns more than $3 billion in revenue annually and provides turnkey solutions to its biofuel plant partners, managing all aspects of marketing, logistics, regulatory and fleet management. In addition to selling product to all 48 continental states in the U.S., Murex is a market leader in the renewable fuels export space, controlling more than 20 percent of the ethanol export market.

Gulf Gateway Terminal is a barge-to-rail transloading and storage facility located on 41.5 industrially zoned acres on the Port of New Orleans. The terminal has access to six class-one railroads via the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. GGT’s rail accessibility provides customers with the ability to facilitate outbound bulk shipments cost effectively to every North American rail destination. GGT has one operational tank onsite with 135,000 barrels of shell capacity but is permitted to build two additional 170,000-barrel tanks on its existing pad. The terminal is currently in renewable diesel and conventional diesel service but is permitted to handle additional products depending on customer needs.


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