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Montana Renewables hosts event to celebrate 1st camelina oil received at biorefinery

Montana Renewables welcomed partners in the agriculture industry and government Sept. 18 to celebrate the first receipt of camelina oil. Using camelina oil as a feedstock for renewable fuels is an opportunity for Montana farmers to become involved with renewable fuel production. (Photo: Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP)

Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP announced that Montana Renewables LLC hosted an event Sept. 18 with the Montana community to celebrate the first receipts of camelina oil into its Great Falls renewable fuels facility.

Representatives of the state, county and city governments along with suppliers and supporters of rural agricultural development attended the ceremony in Great Falls, Montana.

Montana Renewables consumes over 1.5 billion pounds per year of rendering waste and seed oils, which are used to produce renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Bruce Fleming speaks to the crowd about Montana Renewables’ first receipt of camelina oil, a new feedstock for renewable diesel and SAF production. (Photo: Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP)

“We are pleased to add 2023 U.S.-produced camelina oil to our existing feeds, which already include canola oil, corn oil and tallow,” said Bruce Fleming, CEO of Montana Renewables.

“Today’s deliveries further demonstrate Montana Renewables’ feedstock advantage,” Fleming added.

“While our ARA pretreater technology provides the ability to run feed from anywhere in the world, camelina is indigenous to Montana. The low carbon-intensity and nonfood nature of this oil makes camelina an exciting addition to our already competitively advantaged Montana Renewables platform. And by providing a market in Montana, we are creating long-term benefits for Montana farm and ranch producers who grow most of the country’s camelina today.”

Fleming continued by saying Montana Renewables already supports 1 million to 2 million acres of farm and ranch activity in canola, corn and cattle.

“But the associated seed crushing and meat packing occurs out of state,” Fleming noted.

“Our vision is to attract seed-crushing and meat-packing facilities to Montana to further spread the benefits of lower carbon emissions, lower freight costs, and higher agricultural activity,” he said.

Montana Renewables is an unrestricted subsidiary of Calumet located in Great Falls.

Montana Renewables converts 15,000 barrels per stream day (permit capacity) of renewable feedstock into low-emission, sustainable alternatives—renewable diesel and SAF—that directly replace fossil-fuel products.

Commercial operations began in late 2022.

“Montana Renewables is a leader in North America’s energy transition and the largest SAF producer in the western hemisphere,” Calumet stated.

Renewable products produced at Montana Renewables are being delivered to Canada and the U.S. West Coast.


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