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Metallica partners with Iveco on sustainable transport solutions for European leg of M72 World Tour

Photo: Iveco Group

Iveco, the brand of Iveco Group N.V. that designs, manufactures and markets light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, announced May 23 that it is delivering on its partnership with the legendary Metallica for the European leg of the band’s M72 World Tour.


As Metallica gears up to thrill fans across Europe, Iveco is ready to support the tour through ecofriendly transport solutions, trucker engagement initiatives and projects for giving back to the local communities.


The tour will stop in nine European cities from May to July: Munich, Milan, Vienna, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Clisson, Warsaw and Madrid.


The partnership was unveiled in November during the launch of Iveco’s renewed 2024 full range of vehicles, with the official product launch video featuring the song “It’s Electric” as performed by Metallica.


Ground transport for the European leg of the Metallica M72 Tour will be enhanced with an Iveco multi-energy fleet to support the band in reducing its environmental impact as it moves its equipment and production gear between venues.


The convoy will include 10 Iveco S-Way heavy-duty liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and 4 Iveco S-Way trucks powered by renewable diesel.


The use of these low-carbon fuels that are available today at scale will contribute to reducing the CO2-emission impact of the tour on the road.


Additional logistics support will be provided by a complementary convoy of two electric Iveco S-eWay vehicles—the first electric-born heavy-duty truck fully manufactured by Iveco—two Iveco S-Way LNG trucks and one Iveco S-Way truck powered by renewable diesel.


An Iveco S-eWay fuel-cell electric vehicle will join the fleet in Spain for the final dates of the tour.


The Iveco fleet for Metallica is fully connected and remotely monitored 24/7 through the brand’s customer uptime center.


For the refueling of the vehicles along the routes to the concert venues, Iveco will leverage its partnership with Shell.


The energy company’s network of filling stations will supply low-carbon fuels to enable the vehicles to achieve a low-emission transport journey in an extension of the ongoing agreement with Iveco for the joint development of low-carbon and highly efficient energy solutions.


Carbon credits will be purchased by Shell for the calculated well-to-wheel CO2-equivalent emissions that could not be avoided or reduced through the utilization of renewable fuels.


The crew shuttle service to concert venues throughout the European tour will be provided by Iveco Bus, the urban, intercity and tourist bus brand of Iveco Group.


Two eDaily electric minibuses and a renewable diesel-compatible Evadys coach will be used in the different cities, ensuring that the staff move about sustainably and comfortably.


Iveco Group’s Centro Stile designed a special-edition livery for the entire fleet, taking inspiration from the colors featured on Metallica’s 72 Seasons album, which centers on the formative first 18 years of life, or 72 seasons, that are full of growth and evolution.


The trucks are painted black with a bright yellow finish, and the front grille proudly displays the iconic Metallica logo.


An additional Metallica special series, limited to 72 high-end heavy-duty trucks with exclusive outfitting, will hit the market in the second half of the year.


At the core of all Iveco does are truck drivers, including in its partnership with Metallica, and initiatives are planned to celebrate their special role.


On specific routes, a journalist or vlogger will be on board to document the journey from venue to venue, giving visibility to the fundamental work of truckers.


A unique contest will encourage drivers of any vehicle brand to submit videos of themselves performing to Metallica music for a chance to win concert tickets and other prizes.


Finally, the “My Metallica Truck” digital tool will offer fans a Metallica-themed background that can be personalized with their photograph for sharing on social media.


At the nine-concert venues guests will be invited to Iveco Village, an area dedicated to fans where a heavy-duty electric Iveco truck will be on display.


Within the area there will also be an Iveco motorhome customized with the distinguishable M72 livery and a photo opportunity with the front grille of an Iveco S-Way heavy-duty truck decorated in Metallica 72 Seasons colors.


Among the strongest links between Iveco and Metallica is a commitment to social responsibility.


Equal donations will be made at each tour stop to local organizations by both the brand and the band through Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation.


These contributions will be delivered through grants to support the fight against hunger and provide emergency services for the homeless and vulnerable women and children.


“Collaborating with Metallica, a band that not only resonates with fans worldwide but also echoes our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, makes perfect sense for Iveco Group,” said Gerrit Marx, the CEO of Iveco Group. “This partnership goes above and beyond mere logistical support—it embodies our resolve to lead the transition towards a cleaner future in transport and advance a more sustainable society. Metallica and Iveco Group share several core values—a spirit of innovation, a drive for change and a commitment to community contribution. Staying at the forefront of our industries requires us to continually evolve and challenge ourselves, pushing the limits of what we can achieve and constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our performance. This ethos we share with Metallica motivates us to keep striving for excellence.”


Metallica commented, “When we first met with Iveco Group, they illustrated their vision for this project and how they aim to change the future of transportation and carbon emissions. We immediately knew that Metallica’s goals aligned with theirs and realized the huge potential of reducing CO2 emissions in heavy-duty transport vehicles. We’ll be launching our partnership in May 2024 when the M72 World Tour continues throughout Europe with Iveco’s electric and natural-gas vehicles moving our gear from city to city. Together we’ll be able to contribute to Iveco Group’s pledge of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2040. How incredible for us to be part of that!”



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