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Manchester United, REG join forces to fight climate change

The globally popular 143-year-old soccer team Manchester United has teamed up with biobased diesel producer Renewable Energy Group Inc. to raise awareness of REG’s environmentally friendly products and encourage positive change among Manchester United’s global fanbase of 1.1 billion people and beyond.

Manchester United was one of the first soccer clubs in the world to launch a carbon reduction program in 2008 and, since then, it has reduced annual emissions from its operations by 2,700 metric tons. The club hopes to build on this record through its new partnership with REG.

“As one of the most popular sports teams in the world, the club has a powerful platform to help raise awareness of how people can contribute towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for our planet,” said Collette Roche, chief operating officer of Manchester United. “We are already an environmental leader among football clubs after 12 consecutive years of reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions. We will now work with Renewable Energy Group to explore ways of shrinking our carbon footprint further. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change, and the goal of developing a greener, cleaner planet.”

CJ Warner, REG president and CEO, said, “As a leading producer of cleaner, biobased diesel, it’s a natural fit for Renewable Energy Group to partner with another sustainability-minded leader like Manchester United. The world is at a critical juncture in which we are all recognizing that we must do more to reduce harmful emissions, and there is a growing desire to secure more immediate and practical low carbon solutions. Together, alongside Manchester United, we will amplify our simple-to-adopt opportunities for individuals and organizations to reduce carbon now. Renewable Energy Group brings a history of innovation and determination to deliver real impact through the production of cleaner fuels. Our sustainable fuels are a viable low carbon solution that can help us achieve greenhouse gas reduction and create a cleaner world.”

Manchester United holds the Carbon Trust Standard certification for its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions annually. The CTS provides official recognition to organizations that follow best practices in the measurement, management and reduction of carbon emissions. Manchester United has been certified six consecutive times since first achieving the CTS in 2010 and has reduced its carbon emissions every year since then.

REG owns and operates 12 biorefineries and produced more than a-half billion gallons of biobased diesel last year.

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