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Maersk to sign sustainable aviation fuel contract with Air France-KLM

Photo: A.P. Moller-Maersk

A.P. Moller-Maersk announced Feb. 23 that it will sign an agreement with Air France-KLM to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The deal includes a first-of-its-kind contract to cover around 40,000 trips taken by Maersk’s marine and corporate travels on these carriers yearly, as well as an additional purchase for approximately 400,000 liters (105,669 gallons) to be used on cargo transportation. Maersk will pay a premium for roughly 2,200 metric tons of SAF.

“This is a small but significant agreement,” said Mette Christensen with Maersk. “By working together with Air France-KLM and paying a premium to use SAF, we are embarking on the same journey with our suppliers as our green-minded customers are when they choose to pay a premium for Maersk ECO Delivery, our low-carbon product manufactured from recycled sustainable biomass and one of the only options for green emissions in shipping today.”

The two-year deal provides opportunities for further purchasing SAF for Maersk cargo customers, which is an attractive proposition for many Maersk customers who are looking at addressing their CO2 footprints.

“I am delighted to see A.P. Moller-Maersk participating in our SAF program and leading the way in reducing net emissions in the aviation industry,” said Sébastien Guyot, a senior vice president with Air France-KLM. “This new contract reinforces further the long-term partnership between Air France-KLM and A.P. Moller-Maersk.”

Maersk is exploring several options to meet its 2030 target to have minimum 30 percent of its air cargo transported using SAF. Partnerships with suppliers are of the essence when exploring sustainable solutions to decarbonize logistics.

“If we want to see impact taking place already in this decade, it is crucial to be able to deliver on our customers’ need already now,” said Torben Bengtsson with Maersk. “This agreement is a starting point for us to create the market demand that is required to accelerate the much-needed green energy transition in aviation.”

Bold action to accelerate solutions that decarbonize aviation are crucial to reduce overall environmental impact from logistics. Currently Maersk is exploring different pathways to source sufficient SAF, though the company will leverage its efforts within green-fuel development and sourcing to also secure sustainable solutions for its customers in air freight.

In December, Maersk committed to pay the green premium for SAF-powered air cargo as part of Eco-Skies, a first-of-its-kind program involving leading global corporations working with United Airlines to help power flying in a more sustainable way. This program offers the opportunity to reduce environmental impact and help make sustainable aviation the norm.

Maersk’s air emissions currently make up less than 1 percent of the company total emissions but are set to increase with the growth projected to serve its customers. The global integrator of container logistics is aware of the environmental challenges to airfreight but clearly air freight is a crucial enabler for Maersk customers to get the flexibility they need for their global supply chains, so for Maersk this is “a must-do move.”

Maersk stated that achieving climate neutrality is a strategic imperative for the company. On air, Maersk has similar ambitions as on ocean, including forwarding business where the company is involved with carriers that offer SAF-based solutions as well as its own fleet, where Maersk is committed to explore green fuels for the Star Air-operated fleet of aircraft in line with IATA and ICAO guidance.

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27 févr. 2022

It is my previledge to say that, now it is also possible to produce quality Biodiesel with flash point of 36° C - most suitable to blend with ATF----

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