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Lummus launches ethanol-to-SAF process technology

Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, announced Sept. 7 the commercial availability of its ethanol to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) process technology.

The technology provides operators with a large-scale, commercially demonstrated solution to reduce the aviation industry’s greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.

“Lummus’ extensive commercial experience in all steps, including conversion of ethanol feedstock and production of the SAF process, gives us a unique advantage to help our customers produce sustainable fuels,” said Leon de Bruyn, president and CEO of Lummus Technology.

“Our process leverages proven, commercial-scale technologies that we integrate to meet the aviation industry’s growing demand for SAF and support its decarbonization efforts,” de Bruyn added.

Lummus’ ethanol-to-SAF technology offers a safe and reliable solution by integrating ethanol to ethylene (EtE), olefin oligomerization and hydrogenation technologies in a process configuration that maximizes the final yield to SAF while minimizing capital expenses, operating expenses and carbon emissions.

Central to this process is Lummus and Braskem’s technology partnership for producing green ethylene, which accelerates the use of bioethanol and supports the industry’s efforts towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Since 2010, Braskem has been operating an ethanol-dehydration unit in Brazil.

Using EtE EverGreen™ technology, the unit provides a proven and reliable foundation for producing 260 kilotons per year of ethylene from ethanol.

Lummus has integrated this world-scale dehydration process with its light-olefins oligomerization and advanced hydroprocessing technologies through Chevron Lummus Global, a joint venture with Chevron.

This integrated offering makes the entire ethanol-to-SAF value chain available for exclusive licensing by Lummus.



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