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Lannutti Group fuels fleet with 100% renewable diesel from Eni

Photo: Eni

Italian oil company and biobased diesel producer Eni announced in October that Eni Sustainable Mobility (Enilive) has signed an agreement with Lannutti Group, a leading operator in the logistics and road-transport sector, for the use of HVOlution, Eni’s 100 percent hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel also known as renewable diesel.

With 300 trucks in its Italian fleet already powered exclusively with HVO out of a total European fleet of 1,500 units, Lannutti Group—founded in 1963 and now operating in eight European countries—has chosen to make an active step forward in its decarbonization journey.

HVOlution is exclusively produced using biogenic raw materials, mainly waste and residues, such as used cooking oil or vegetable oil processing waste.

The fuel can also be made from oils produced from marginal land not in competition with the food chain, supplied through a network of “agri-hubs” Eni is establishing in several African countries.

The use of pure HVO enables a 60 percent to 90 percent reduction in CO2 emissions across the supply chain compared to the benchmark fossil blend, depending on the feedstock used.

Enilive is the Eni brand committed to sustainable mobility, whose mission is to provide increasingly decarbonized services and products for the energy transition, accelerating the total emission reduction across the entire supply chain.

The following activities have been grouped into Enilive:

  • Biorefining

  • Biomethane production

  • Sale of mobility products, services and solutions, including Enjoy car sharing

Enilive has a network of over 5,000 points of sale in Europe.

HVOlution is also distributed in over 550 service stations.



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