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KWE, Roper Rhodes join together for sustainable maritime fuel program

Kintetsu World Express (U.K.) Ltd. has initiated a strategic partnership with Roper Rhodes Ltd., a leader in supplying bathroom furniture and products, to drive innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector.



The collaboration focuses on the development and promotion of sustainable maritime fuel, a crucial step towards reducing the maritime industry’s carbon footprint.



“This partnership is the very first of its kind for Roper Rhodes globally and KWE is extremely proud to support one of its key clients in its endeavor to create a more sustainable supply chain,” KWE stated.



The use of sustainable maritime fuel allows companies like Roper Rhodes to reduce CO2-equivalent emissions over a period of time according to their own climate ambitions.


The investment into sustainable maritime fuel usage on its cargo transported from China to Portbury, U.K., will be the first showcase for Roper Rhodes to demonstrate how fuel consumption and emissions can be reduced within its supply chain.


Roper Rhodes and KWE will continue their collaboration aiming to make Roper Rhodes’ supply chain more sustainable in the future.


“The launch of a sea freight sustainable maritime fuel program is an important step in our sustainability roadmap for the coming years,” said Frederik van de Ven, KWE’s director of sustainability for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We are extremely pleased with the willingness and concrete commitment of our partner Roper Rhodes to actually shape our common ambition for a more sustainable future. I encourage our clients and business partners to join KWE on our path towards a more sustainable future.”



Nadia Provenza, Roper Rhodes’ sustainability manager, added, “We are very pleased with the ongoing collaboration with our partner KWE to reduce our environmental impact, and specifically our carbon emissions. It reflects the increasingly central role of sustainability in both our organizations and confirms our shared commitment to run our businesses responsibly. We hope that this partnership will inspire other companies to follow suit, so that together we can reach our common goals and objectives in this field.” 



KWE is committed to contribute to the development of a global community through logistics services by creating new values, sustaining the environment, and collaborating with clients, shareholders and employees.


In addition to KWE’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) program, the promotion of sustainable maritime fuel is one of KWE’s key sustainability initiatives. 


KWE is a global leader in logistics services and has been at the forefront of providing innovative and efficient freight and supply chain solutions for businesses worldwide.


With a presence across various continents, KWE specializes in air and sea freight, offering a comprehensive range of logistics services that cater to diverse industry needs.



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