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Jetex enters agreement with 360 Jet Fuel to offer SAF book-and-claim system

Jetex has entered in an agreement with 360 Jet Fuel Ltd. to offer its customers more flexibility and wider access to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

SAF is a liquid fuel currently used in commercial aviation that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent.

It can be produced from a number of sources including waste oil and fats, green and municipal waste and nonfood crops.

It can also be produced synthetically via a process that captures carbon directly from the air.

Part of what makes SAF sustainable is ensuring sustainability in its supply chain.

Transporting SAF to a specific airport or flight is not always possible and could lead to higher greenhouse-gas emissions.

The book-and-claim system provides a solution for these situations.

The new 360 Green Fuel book-and-claim system allows Jetex customers to source SAF based on their total aviation footprint in one transaction, rather than sourcing through each location individually.

This means that SAF can be sourced for flights out of airports that do not have SAF supply available.

Sourcing SAF on a book-and-claim basis will allow purchasing any volume of SAF, including 100 percent of fuel needs or a carbon-neutral scenario, without technical limitations such as blending limits.

Jetex customers will be able to claim the CO2-emission reduction they achieved by the amount of fossil fuel replaced with SAF acquired.

They will receive a certificate specifying the amount of SAF purchased and an audited statement outlining the corresponding CO2 reduction.

This documentation can be utilized for sustainability-reporting purposes.

To ensure credibility and verifiable emission reductions, 360 Jet Fuel sources physical SAF quantities from ISCC Plus-certified suppliers, guaranteeing full traceability of the claimed amounts, and ensures delivery to an airline partner within the aviation sector.

The solution provided by 360 Jet Fuel undergoes rigorous third-party auditing, ensuring traceability to each delivery batch and eliminating any doubts of double claiming.

The new agreement takes Jetex a step closer to being fully carbon neutral globally and is aligned with the International Air Transport Association’s commitment to achieving 65 percent SAF share by 2050.

Click here to see Adel Mardini, the founder and CEO of Jetex, on progressing the sustainability agenda.

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