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JAS Worldwide, GoodShipping collaborate to advance sustainable logistics with marine biofuel

JAS Worldwide, a leading global logistics provider, announced Oct. 20 that it is partnering with GoodShipping.

This collaboration is focused on promoting a more environmentally responsible future for the logistics industry.

Through this strategic partnership, JAS aims to make substantial reductions in the industry’s carbon footprint by helping to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable marine biofuel solutions.

“At JAS, environmental stewardship and the promotion of sustainable logistics are fundamental to our business,” the company stated.

JAS’s investment in carbon reduction allows customers to see up to a 100 percent reduction in CO2e well-to-wake emissions when compared to their fossil-fuel equivalents, according to JAS.

This innovative approach is based on the concept of insetting.

When utilizing insetting, a customer chooses sustainable biofuel rather than traditional fossil fuel.

This ecofriendly biofuel is a renewable energy source that can power vessels without disrupting logistics operations.

Through the partnership with GoodShipping, JAS now has a carrier-independent solution that can be applied to any trade lane worldwide using the “one-atmosphere approach” or “mass-balance principle.”

This means that if the biofuel supply is unavailable for the specific vessel transporting a customer’s shipment, an equivalent amount of biofuel, corresponding to the emissions generated by the shipment, is utilized in a biofuel-enabled vessel.

“The end result is the same since the atmosphere is indifferent to which vessel is fueled,” JAS stated.

The insetting service JAS’s customers can book facilitates the use of biofuel derived from 100 percent certifiable waste and residue streams.

What sets this service apart is its independent audit-verification process, which confirms the quality of the biofuel and ensures accurate carbon accounting.

Through this approach, JAS strives to reduce actual emissions from its operations and help customers reduce scope 3 emissions within their supply chain.

This partnership offers numerous advantages to cargo owners:

  • Simple—The mass-balance principle and the blend of biofuels with conventional fossil fuels provide a carrier-independent solution with minimal disruption to logistics operations

  • Impactful—Biofuel insetting offers an immediate response within the same sector where emissions originate, enabling an effective reaction to global warming

  • Credible—The utilization of biofuels aligns with global sustainability goals, and third-party audits ensure that sustainability claims are accurate and backed by credible assessments

“JAS Worldwide and GoodShipping are united in the mission to reduce carbon emissions to zero with sustainable marine biofuel,” said Andrea Goeman, JAS Worldwide’s senior vice president of sustainability. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration and to extend this decarbonization product to road transport, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainability in our customers’ supply chain.”

Alessandro Pierangeli, GoodShipping’s commercial manager, added, “We’re very happy to have started collaborating with an international player like JAS Worldwide. Through our partnership, we can collectively offer companies a unique way to decarbonize their scope 3 transportation emissions. We are truly excited to make a long-term impact together.”

JAS was founded in 1978 in Milan, Italy, and its global headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

JAS covers 100-plus countries with over 7,000 employees globally.



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