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Japan’s largest airline expands SAF Flight Initiative services for air cargo

Source: All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways, Japan’s largest airline, announced Sept. 4 that it is launching a new service in its SAF Flight Initiative, a program dedicated to reducing CO2-emission levels through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Through the new service, All Nippon Airways will extend the SAF Flight Initiative offering to companies that use air cargo to transport and deliver products and provide a solution to visualize and reduce indirect CO2 emissions.

Launched in October 2021, the SAF Flight Initiative is one of All Nippon Airways’ efforts to work with leading partners across a range of industries by supporting efforts to reduce emissions in the value chain as well as expand the production and use of SAF.

Under the current cargo program, the SAF Flight Initiative is offered to logistics and freight companies that have a direct business contract with All Nippon Airways.

The new service will enable companies that use air cargo to transport products based on their track record, including factors like weight, volume and distance of transportation.

“Our SAF Flight Initiative is a critical component of All Nippon Airways’ strategy to reduce carbon emissions in our own operations and be a catalyst for other businesses looking to become more sustainable,” said Toshiaki Toyama, chairman of All Nippon Airways Cargo.

“Global warming has become a business-continuity risk far beyond our imagination,” Toyama continued. “Against this backdrop, there is growing demand for more transparency and disclosure on climate-related information and measures throughout the value chain. All Nippon Airways is committed to contributing to society, and expanding the SAF Flight Initiative to our air-cargo partners will allow us to have an even broader impact on the reduction of global transportation emissions and serve as a positive example to our industry peers.”

The airline added that, with the expansion of the SAF Flight Initiative to air cargo, All Nippon Airways will continue to contribute to the realization of the environmental goals for participating companies and will promote the use of the SAF in cooperation with its partners.



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