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Iowa fleets make ‘100 Best Fleets’ list with biodiesel

B100 biodiesel, biobased diesel, Ames, Iowa
Photo: Business Wire

The National Fleet Management Association recently named two biodiesel-using fleets in Iowa to the 2021 “100 Best Fleets in the Americas” list. The Ames Fleet Services Department and Iowa State University beat out of tens of thousands of public fleets in North and South America to make the list.

Ames has achieved greenhouse gas emissions reductions by deploying snowplows with 100 percent biodiesel as its primary fuel—a first for any midwestern city. With support from biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group Inc., Ames equipped several trucks to run on the pure biodiesel in a pilot project. At ISU, students collect used fryer oil from dining centers on campus and convert it into biodiesel using their own reactor. The biodiesel helps fuel the university’s bus system on campus and in the Ames community.

“We congratulate ISU and the city of Ames for this well-deserved recognition, and we couldn’t be prouder that biodiesel helped them achieve this distinction,” said Grant Kimberley, Iowa Biodiesel Board executive director. “Not only are these fleets using homegrown products that support Iowa’s economy, but they are also empowering our state to tap into a larger energy shift. As major corporations make net-zero commitments, and states coast-to-coast introduce legislation to drastically cut carbon, Iowa should not only participate in this transportation revolution, but help lead it. Increasing our own state’s use of biofuels positions Iowa to continue to lead in promoting high-performance liquid renewable fuels with low carbon intensity. We also owe biodiesel producer REG a debt of gratitude for their leadership in Iowa and beyond. This company has worked tirelessly to engage with fleets on realizing the benefits of biodiesel. From investing in the B100 case study with Ames to providing economic and technical support at ISU, where students represent the next generation of energy thought leaders in our state, REG has stood out as a proactive corporate citizen.”

Kimberley noted that John Cramsey, and ISU chemical engineering student, serves as a co-chair of the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel, a program of the National Biodiesel Board.

Click here to see the NAFA 100 Best Fleets list.



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