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Illinois tops US soybean production for 2023

Illinois farmers once again led the nation in total soybean production for the 2023 growing season.


The National Agricultural Statistics Service of USDA estimates Illinois soybean farmers raised 648.9 million bushels on 10.3 million acres.


Compared to 2022, total acreage and yield estimates were both down 4 percent in Illinois.


Average soybean yields remained the same in 2023 at 63 bushels per acre.


“I would like to congratulate my fellow 43,000 soybean farmers on another successful growing season,” said Ron Kindred, chair of the Illinois Soybean Association. “Despite challenges such as heavy, early season rains in some areas and extremely dry conditions in other areas of the state, Illinois farmers made smart management decisions to maintain average soybean yields statewide. Part of this success can be attributed to the efforts of the Illinois Soybean Association. For 60 years and counting, ISA has invested in production research, education, advocacy and market-development efforts to afford all Illinois soybean farmers success even in the face of challenges beyond our control.”


As the 60th anniversary of the Illinois Soybean Association is celebrated this year, Kindred is quick to point out that the checkoff program’s efforts to communicate the work it has done on behalf of farmers is key to helping Illinois farmers stay ahead of annual challenges.


“Through ILSoyAdvisor, Illinois Field & Bean, farmer-facing events and other initiatives, ISA provides the knowledge, information and resources Illinois farmers need to improve soybean productivity while incorporating sustainable practices and also ensuring profitability,” Kindred said.


As part of being the nation’s leader in soybean production, Illinois soybean farmers also invest in their checkoff to drive soybean demand both domestically and internationally.


Since its creation in 1964, ISA has helped increase demand for soybean meal as a feed ingredient in a booming animal-agriculture market, has increased the viability and adoption of soy-based biodiesel, and has helped secure the preference for Illinois soybeans in key overseas markets.


ISA’s checkoff and membership programs represent more than 43,000 soybean farmers in Illinois.


The checkoff funds market-development and utilization efforts while the membership program supports the government-relations interests of Illinois soybean farmers at the local, state and national level through the Illinois Soybean Growers.


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