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Illinois Soybean Association debuts farmer biodiesel resources

Biodiesel truck, biobased diesel truck, soybean biodiesel, B20 biodiesel
Photo: Illinois Soybean Association

The Illinois Soybean Association is rolling out a new era of biodiesel work in a big way. Elliot Uphoff, ISA District 10 director, gave his grain truck a brand-new look this week, debuting ISA’s new biodiesel artwork. The new artwork is part of a recent rebrand effort for ISA’s biodiesel program and includes new logos for both ISA Biodiesel and the B20 Club. The brand redesign reflects the new audiences that ISA is now targeting in its biodiesel efforts including farmers, communities, urban audiences and lawmakers. Illinois farmers are growing more than just soybeans in their fields—they’re growing sustainable energy. B20 biodiesel is now a high-quality fuel option that can power farm equipment year-round, in addition to offering many environmental health benefits. Farmers using B20 to fuel their farms are putting money back into their own pockets as B20 biodiesel adds more than 10 percent to the price of soybeans and also helps reduce soy protein waste. “Using B20 biodiesel contributes to the bottom line of every soybean farmer in the state,” said Uphoff, a fifth-generation farmer from Shelbyville, Illinois. “I spend eight to 12 hours a day driving a semi that runs on biodiesel, a product made from soybeans that we grow in our fields. I’m using a product that I helped create, that we can regenerate every year, and that’s better for our environment.” B20 can be used in diesel engines with no modifications. B20 biodiesel may also provide better fuel mileage and it definitely improves engine lubrication, which extends engine life.

For more information on biodiesel, check out ISA’s new farmer-facing biodiesel resources available at



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