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  • The Illinois Soybean Association

Illinois named top US soybean-producing state for 2022 growing season

The Illinois Soybean Association announced Jan. 17 that Illinois produced the most soybeans in the nation again in 2022.

After a slow start to the planting season due to cool and wet weather, followed by a hot and dry summer for many of the state’s farmers, the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the USDA estimates Illinois soybean farmers raised 677.25 million bushels on 10.75 million harvested acres with an average yield of 63 bushels per acre.

“I’m proud to be able to congratulate my 43,000 colleagues across the state on this announcement,” said Steve Pitstick, a Maple Park farmer and chairman of ISA. “Illinois soybean farmers have gotten really good at making the best of whatever growing challenges confront them, making smart management decisions, and maximizing production opportunities, and 2022 was no different. We have proven once again that we know how to roll up our sleeves and put the sweat equity into producing a high-quality product and raising a record-breaking crop.”

Pitstick said ISA’s three-pronged approach to supporting a thriving soybean industry—agronomy; domestic and global market development; and local, state and national government relations—are the key ingredients when it comes to the recipe for raising a record soybean crop.

“ISA remains committed to helping farmers improve return on investment (ROI) by providing tools such as sharing the latest innovations, technology, and research that boosts profitability,” Pitstick said. “We are proud to provide year-round, actionable agronomic advice and insights that focus on improving soybean productivity and quality.”

The ISA checkoff program funds ILSoyAdvisor as a go-to toolbox for expert agronomic and management advice, including renewed efforts in funding research and conservation agronomy programming to help farmers be more successful on their soybean acres.

ILSoyAdvisor and the expansion of the ISA agronomy team provide the latest educational resources, agronomic insights, webinars, success stories, events and more for soybean farmers to maximize their operation year-round.

“This announcement is more than a newsworthy headline—it represents the lineage, hard work and contributions of 43,000 farmers,” Pitstick added. “This celebration belongs to every soy grower—and every soy family—across Illinois. Congratulations on a job well done.”


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