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iFuel AG drives into the market to provide SAF solutions

Image: iFuel AG

iFuel AG, a new aviation fuel broker fresh on the scene, has recently launched its global operations. The company focuses strongly on offering innovative information technology (IT) solutions and providing both jet and sustainable fuel options for its clients.

iFuel AG is a young aviation fuel broker with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, and representative offices located in Vienna, Barcelona, London, Moscow and Dubai. The company positions itself as being technologically innovative and environmentally conscious. iFuel provides aircraft refueling services to business, commercial, cargo and military flights. It works directly with more than 170 suppliers, offering clients the best deals on both traditional jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Such a wide network of suppliers all around the globe allows iFuel to deliver its services wherever its clients need them.

"We are thrilled to launch our operations," said Rinad El-Rabaa, iFuel's founder and CEO. "Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best of service, support, advice and facilitation. We are, therefore, in the process of developing an outstanding platform for the aviation industry. It would save extra work hours and ease operations for commercial, corporate and military operators."

The company believes SAF to be the ultimate power source for any flight, and it works towards providing environmentally conscious fuel solutions that would cut the general carbon footprint of its clients. iFuel AG partners exclusively with fuel suppliers that believe in the same cause to free its clients of the need to conduct their own research.



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