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HYCO1 celebrates 9,000 hours of run-time on its patent-pending CO2-utilization catalyst

HYCO1 announced Jan. 8 that it is celebrating over 9,000 hours of run-time on its proprietary, patent-pending CO2-utilization catalyst at its Carbon Utilization at Best Efficiency Technology Center in Houston, Texas.


Operating for over a year inside of a commercial-diameter reactor tube, the HYCO1 catalyst has continuously converted CO2 and low carbon-intensity (CI) methane feed gases into chemical-grade synthesis gas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). 


The CO2 reaction takes place at ultra-high speed in a single pass having extraordinary selectivity toward H2 and CO production, according to HYCO1. 


The CUBE™ process and catalyst are highly specialized in their ability to convert 100 percent of CO2 feed gas into chemical-grade synthesis gas with no further downstream treatment required, the company said. 


Any ratio of H2 to CO can be generated for seamless integration and production of high-value, low-CI products such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) or green methanol, as well as purified H2.


With this invention and robust data to support it, CO2 has been efficiently transformed from a climate gas-emissions problem into a low-cost feedstock to create valuable downstream products, the company stated. 


“No technology does this better and more efficiently in the world than HYCO1’s revolutionary, patent-pending CUBE™ technology,” HYCO1 stated.


HYCO1 CEO Greg Carr said, “The golden pathway for large-scale CO2 utilization is a process that puts carbon emissions back into the highly usable form of CO without a cost penalty when compared to today’s high-emissions gray processes. HYCO1 does this better and less expensively than any other competitive technology. For the first-time in history, HYCO1 opens the door to competitively produce world-scale chemicals and fuels with zero-emissions.”


With process-proving run-time data of over 9,000 hours, a robust project pipeline of large-scale commercial plant developments are moving forward.


“Our HYCO1 CUBE™ technology has exceeded all expectations in our pilot plant and throughout the R&D process,” said Andrew Staples, HYCO1’s director of operations who has overseen the HYCO1 pilot facility since inception. “I’m truly excited to see it change the way the world looks at reforming catalysis and carbon-dioxide utilization, taking CO2 waste gas and creating high-value chemicals.”



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