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Honeywell targets refiners in Asia-Pacific region with its biofuel technologies

Photo: Honeywell

Honeywell announced Oct. 25 the availability of technologies and digital solutions to enable customers in Asia Pacific to produce renewable fuels from multiple feedstock sources.

Refiners are facing market changes as the drive toward sustainability accelerates to lower greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.

“It is imperative for companies to adopt ready-now technologies that can help them produce low-carbon, sustainable fuels while maximizing available resources, reducing waste and meeting their sustainability goals,” Honeywell stated.

To help customers address this challenge and the rapidly growing demand for renewable fuels, Honeywell UOP offers solutions that enable the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, and other renewable fuels from a broad range of potential renewable feedstock sources.

Honeywell’s renewable fuels portfolio includes:

  • Honeywell Ecofining™—a proven technology that has been used around the world for years. It produces SAF, which helps reduce GHG emissions by up to 80 percent when compared to emissions from fossil fuels.

  • Ethanol-to-jet (ETJ) fuel—Depending on the type of ethanol feedstock used, jet fuel produced from Honeywell’s ETJ process can reduce GHG emissions by 80 percent on a total lifecycle basis compared to petroleum-based jet fuel

  • Honeywell UOP eFining™—converts e-methanol to eSAF reliably and at scale. Honeywell UOP eFining can reduce GHG emissions by 88 percent compared to conventional jet fuel.

  • Rapid Thermal Processing—converts biomass feedstocks into renewable fuels for heating, power and transportation

“As a leader in renewable fuel technology, Honeywell recognizes that creating technologies to enable operators to produce low-carbon fuels from multiple renewable feedstock options is vital to long-term decarbonization across Asia Pacific,” said Matt Spalding, an executive with Honeywell UOP in the Asia-Pacific region. “The ability to use various feedstocks is a transformational opportunity for this market. With UOP eFining™, Ecofining, ETJ and RTP technologies, Honeywell offers multiple routes to market to meet the rapidly growing demand for renewable fuels.”

In addition to supporting new assets, Honeywell said it also has the expertise to help retrofit existing refineries for renewable fuel production.

This offers lower capital-investment opportunities with a fast and cost-effective route to renewable fuels.

To support these objectives, Honeywell said it provides “comprehensive digital solutions, featuring cyber-secure hardware and software technologies designed for day-one readiness, scalability and seamless integration with legacy systems.”

Tathagata Basu with Honeywell Process Solutions added, “With Honeywell’s extensive experience in process control and automation, coupled with our strategic partnerships with leading process-technology licensors, we are pioneering the next-generation, digital refinery of the future. We have established our position as the digital-technology leader in the sector with our integrated portfolio of digital solutions that help our customers build and maintain safe, efficient, reliable and agile operations that meet their business and sustainability goals.”


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