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Honeywell introduces single-stage renewable diesel process tailored for petroleum refiners

Honeywell has introduced a single-stage UOP Ecofining technology for renewable diesel production. The new process is described by Honeywell as a single-stage, fast-to-market, low-cost solution suited for repurposing an underutilized hydrotreating or hydrocracking unit.

According to the company, it can produce higher yields compared to other single-stage technologies.

The process employs a combination of catalysts in a single unit to clean and remove oxygenates and other contaminants from feedstock and isomerizes the fuel to improve its cloud point.

Honeywell said the single-stage technology allows flexibility to expand into a full two-stage Ecofining process, which can refine used cooking oils and animal fats into renewable diesel, and also produce renewable jet fuel.

“The new single-stage Ecofining process can help a refiner meet stricter regulations for sustainable fuels production with significant revenue advantages and minimal equipment and space requirements,” said Ben Owens, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions.

The Ecofining process was jointly developed by Honeywell UOP and Eni SpA. UOP has licensed 20 Ecofining units in nine countries processing a dozen renewable feedstocks.

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