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GRP, Parcel form strategic partnership to serve low-carbon feedstock marketplace

In a move toward advancing sustainable agriculture, Globally Responsible Production and Parcel have formed a strategic partnership.



This collaboration combines Parcel’s cutting-edge software solutions with GRP’s innovative sustainable-agriculture practices, aiming to set new standards in the agricultural and supply-chain industries.

The partnership leverages a comprehensive network that spans agricultural equipment manufacturers, farmer-owned cooperatives, food and grain companies, crop-input manufacturers, as well as finance, insurance and transportation sectors.



“This collaboration promises to deliver unparalleled data certainty, direct access for farmers and enhanced value at every stage of the agricultural process—from planning and planting to input selection, grain marketing and beyond,” GRP stated.

Highlighting the scope of their joint efforts, the partnership brings together a significant user base, with Parcel and GRP collectively engaging thousands of farmers across their platforms.


According to GRP, this extensive community is a testament to the trust and effectiveness of both organizations in delivering solutions that meet the needs of today’s agricultural professionals.

“By aligning GRP’s commitment to sustainable agriculture with Parcel’s technological prowess, we are crafting a future where efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand,” said Adam Irrer, CEO of Parcel. “Our collective efforts are set to unlock new possibilities for growth, sustainability, and collaboration across the agricultural sector.”

A core philosophy of this partnership is to serve as a market aggregator, fostering an environment of collaboration rather than competition.



“Our partnership is built on the foundation of shared success,” said Jed Miller, president of GRP. “We aim to enhance access and insights for our extensive network, working together to achieve common goals in sustainability and efficiency. It’s about creating a supportive ecosystem where every player, from farmers to consumer brands, can achieve greater success.”

For biofuel producers, the collaboration opens avenues to supply markets essential for leveraging legislative incentives like the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as opportunities in sustainable aviation fuel, ethanol and biodiesel sectors.



Consumer-goods companies gain the ability to forge meaningful partnerships with farmers, facilitating lower carbon outcomes and sharing their sustainability stories with a broader audience.

“Farmers are at the heart of this partnership, with a focus on providing them with opportunities for change that come with minimized risk thanks to a supportive, consultative partnership,” GRP stated. “This approach not only connects them with a wider array of opportunities but also empowers them to make decisions that align with overarching sustainability objectives. The partnership between GRP and Parcel represents a forward-thinking approach to sustainable agriculture and supply-chain management. It underscores a commitment to leveraging technology and innovative practices to foster a more sustainable, efficient and collaborative agricultural sector.”


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