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Glander International Bunkering completes 1st supply of marine biofuel for asphalt tanker

Photo: Glander International Bunkering

Global bunker-trading firm Glander International Bunkering announced Oct. 11 that it teamed up with Spanish energy company Cepsa last month in Algeciras, Spain, to supply 347 metric tons of marine biofuel to MT Bitu Atlantic, a 50,805 deadweight-tonnage (DWT) asphalt tanker for Rubis Group.

The marine biofuel consisted of 24 percent (B24) fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) biodiesel.

Glander called the supply a landmark delivery, marking the French stock-listed asphalt-tanker company’s first-ever use of marine biofuel.

The success of the operation was attributed to a collaborative effort between the Dubai and Valencia teams at Glander International Bunkering, together with Spain’s leading bunker and biofuel supplier Cepsa.

The biodiesel was a second-generation advanced biofuel manufactured from waste-based feedstock.


“We take immense pride in our client’s achievement, and we are pleased to be entrusted with this project,” said Dimitris Mertikas, Glander’s key account manager in Dubai. “Biofuel is no longer a future fuel—it is here today.”

Mertikas continued, emphasizing, “More companies are expected to follow suit for their first biofuel supply, and we stand ready to support them.”

Glander International Bunkering also provides biofuel in other global ports, with ISCC EU and ISCC Plus certificates in its Valencia, Spain; Tønsberg, Norway; Geneva, Switzerland; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Singapore offices.

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