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Gevo, HCS Group to produce SAF in Germany

Gevo Inc. announced in late February that it has signed a project memorandum of understanding with longtime customer HCS Group GmbH to develop and build a renewable hydrocarbon facility at HCS Group’s site located in Speyer, Germany. The facility will use Gevo’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) technology.

The pair expects the first project to produce 22 MMgy of renewable hydrocarbons, advanced renewable fuels and SAF by the end of 2024. The site is located near Frankfurt airport.

“This is a unique opportunity to enter the SAF market as the first commercial producer in Germany, building on our market success with renewable hydrocarbons”, said Henrik Krüpper, CEO of HCS Group. “We are excited to enable our customers in the aviation, premium fuels and personal care industries with biobased solutions to meet their sustainability goals. Using our existing infrastructure in Speyer, including our new hydrogenation plant, allows us to minimize time-to-market, certification and approval processes, and costs for this first-of-its-kind project.” Patrick Gruber, CEO of Gevo, said, “Gevo’s technology creates the building blocks for making hydrocarbons. We will need to establish several suppliers of our renewable building blocks, throughout the EU, made from sugary agricultural residues. Gevo’s technology and business system for producing renewable hydrocarbons for fuels, chemicals and plastics can be a contributor to fight climate change, get production off a fossil-based system and be at the forefront of future use of residues and waste feedstocks under [the Renewable Energy Directive] in Europe.”

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