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Foundation for Soy Innovation scholarships now available

The Foundation for Soy Innovation scholarship program is back for 2021 and is expanding for its second year. The scholarships, made possible by contributions from Missouri's farmers, support students and early-career faculty who are working along the soy value chain, from agronomic research to developing new soy-based products.

"We often talk about there being a bright future for soy, from its uses in livestock nutrition to building materials and biodiesel, especially in Missouri," said Matt McCrate, chairman of the foundation. "Through the Foundation for Soy Innovation, we're bringing together those who need to be at the table to really raise the bar on the work farmers have been doing, and to ensure that we're taking full advantage of the opportunities ahead. This scholarship is one step in that effort."

Students and young professionals working with soy have until Oct. 15 to apply for one of the $1,000 awards. Scholarship funds may be used for coursework, supplies, specialty training and/or participation in a professional conference.

The scholarship program was launched in 2019. Eric Oseland of Columbia, Missouri, a doctoral candidate studying weed pressure and control in soybean, received the inaugural award.

The Foundation for Soy Innovation exists to advance the technology, ingenuity and partnerships integral to the future for soy, at every stage in the process. From innovation in how farmers produce soy to elevating the ways we put soy to work, to developing environmentally friendly soy-based products, there are great opportunities ahead.

Through this scholarship program and other efforts, the foundation and its partners support academic and professional development of the next generation of leaders for the soy value chain. The foundation is led by soybean farmer and longtime seedsman Matt McCrate of Cape Girardeau.

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