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Finland’s largest festival organizer reduces emissions from summer events with renewable diesel

Photo: Petri Saarelainen, Nelonen Media Live

Nelonen Media Live, which is part of the Sanoma Group, will be using Neste’s renewable diesel for the first time at its summer festivals in Finland this year.

At the 13 summer festival events organized by NML in different parts of Finland in 2023, the personnel’s rental vehicles and the diesel generators on the event sites will run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.

NML’s use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent on average over the lifecycle compared with fossil fuel.

The Neste MY Carbon Footprint service makes it possible to monitor fuel consumption, greenhouse-gas emissions at events and helps report the emissions reductions achieved.

These solutions support NML’s efforts towards its sustainability targets as part of the Sanoma Group’s goal of carbon neutrality in all its operations and its entire value chain by 2030.

“Nelonen Media Live produces and organizes more than 20 festivals, concerts and cruises in different parts of Finland each year,” said Krista Heinonen, event director at Nelonen Media Live. “Our best-known events include Tammerfest and the Suomipop Festival, as well as Rockfest, which also attracts international visitors. Our summer events in 2023 are expected to attract nearly 300,000 visitors. We want to lead the way in sustainability in our sector. Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint, including that of customers, staff, artists and stakeholders. Carbon neutrality is a key element of our ‘Events for a Better Tomorrow’ promise, and Neste’s renewable fuel helps us on our journey towards the Sanoma Group’s joint carbon-neutrality target.”

Joni Pihlström, vice president of marketing and services for business-to-business sales at Neste, added, “Organizing events requires a great deal of energy, and diesel generators and vehicles used during the event production are significant sources of emissions. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a solution with which we help our customers reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions. With Neste’s renewable diesel, also the local emissions from energy production are lower than those from the use of fossil diesel. For the Finnish market, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is made from 100 percent waste and residues and plays a role in producing sustainable events and creating good event experiences as consumer interest and demands concerning the use of sustainable solutions continue to grow.”



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