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FincoEnergies expands its sustainable biofuels, decarbonization solutions into the Americas


FincoEnergies, an independent provider of energy and decarbonization solutions for the heavy-transport sector, has announced the expansion of its GoodFuels, GoodShipping and GoodZero brands into the Americas, with the appointment of Kimberly Westmoreland as managing director for the region.

FincoEnergies’ new U.S.-based team will provide real-time support for and access to commercially proven sustainable biofuels, carbon insetting and carbon offsetting offerings across the Americas, responding to the fast-growing demand for immediate decarbonization solutions in the region.

“FincoEnergies’ experience in the sustainable biofuel market is unparalleled,” the company stated.

Since 2015, its GoodFuels brand has delivered advanced fuels that “drop in” to conventional tanks and reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 percent without requiring any alterations to the fuel infrastructure or marine engines.

The U.S. team will be headed by Westmoreland, FincoEnergies’ newly appointed managing director for the Americas region, who brings over 15 years of experience in marine operations and fuel procurement, including previous roles at Parkland USA and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

“The launch of FincoEnergies Americas is the latest step in the company’s global expansion, demonstrating its continued commitment to develop and deliver sustainable solutions that drive decarbonization in the heavy-transport sector,” the company stated.

This is FincoEnergies’ second base outside of Europe, after the launch of a Singapore office in early 2022.

“Following our remarkable success in Europe as the industry leader in sustainable marine biofuels and scope 3 insetting services, and our entry into the Asian market, we are now poised to channel our efforts toward serving the rapidly emerging Americas market,” said Kimon Palinginis, FincoEnergies’ managing director of business innovation. “We are committed to delivering the same high-quality sustainable solutions that our global clients have come to expect from us in Europe and Asia.”

Westmoreland added, “I am genuinely inspired by the innovative mindset of FincoEnergies and the clear business achievements of GoodFuels and GoodShipping. I am proud to be at the forefront of the energy transition at FincoEnergies Americas, delivering solutions such as sustainable biofuels, carbon insetting and carbon offsetting that can make a tangible difference today on the environmental footprint of the maritime industry. I eagerly look forward to engaging with our valued customers and partners to deliver our vision of working together for a better world.”



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