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  • Dani Charles

Feedstock Traceability

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Dani Charles, co-founder, Veriflux

Veriflux enables end-to-end feedstock tracing—and much more.

The biofuel industry’s ability to trace feedstock has long been hampered by complex supply chains, data-collection challenges, and feedstock suppliers’ reluctance to share confidential business information (CBI) with producers downstream.

Yet now more than ever traceability is critical, not just for compliance but also to demonstrate the lifecycle benefits of biofuels within a competitive marketplace.

Technology isn’t just a part of the solution for end-to-end feedstock traceability—it’s the only solution.

Our technology, Veriflux, traces separated food waste and other biogenic fats, oils and greases such as used cooking oil (UCO) from collection to the producer, across domestic and international supply chains.

It captures real-time data on greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions while navigating complex supply chains, overcoming data-collection challenges and maintaining data entitlements and integrity.

We achieve this by leveraging the power of technology to solve challenges inherent in feedstock traceability.

If your supplier workflows aren’t digitized, our intuitive web portal, easy-to-use mobile application and supplier-centric functionality help incentivize adoption.

Our anonymization approach enables data sharing while protecting CBI, ensuring records are made available to regulators and auditors without compromising competition.

Our data-sharing framework prevents duplicate assignment and reuse of records, giving biofuel producers confidence in record authenticity. With real-time data sharing, Veriflux allows producers to access present and historical feedstock-recordkeeping data, minimizing time-based audit uncertainties.

Our technology not only enables traceability but also enhances business operations and advances sustainability objectives.

For example, Veriflux’s collection-route optimization feature leverages Veriflux data with state-of-the-art machine learning to recommend the most efficient UCO collection routes, resulting in reduced mileage and fuel consumption, cost savings, lower GHG emissions and better carbon-intensity scores.

Technology is the only solution to the feedstock-traceability challenge, and that solution—Veriflux—is feasible and used globally today.

Author: Dani Charles






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