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Farmers Edge, Gevo enter collaboration on Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight project

Farmers Edge Inc., a pure-play digital agriculture company, and Gevo Inc. have entered a collaboration as part of Gevo’s Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight project that utilizes funding from a USDA grant.


Launched in 2023, Gevo’s Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight project is aimed at tracking and quantifying the carbon-intensity impact of climate-smart practices while creating market incentives for low carbon-intensity (CI) corn to help accelerate production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and low-CI ethanol.


Farmers Edge has already been working with growers in Canada on carbon-intensity programs for the past three years and will bring its experience to the recruitment and education aspects of the project.


Collaborating with growers across three states, Farmers Edge will support in the data capture associated with the qualifying sustainability practices and calculation of field-level CI scores.


With hands-on training and support, participating growers will have access to the company’s market-leading platform, FarmCommand®, and decades of agronomic expertise to provide the necessary reporting required for the project.


Farmers Edge said it is committed to helping growers be the best by digitizing their operations and telling their sustainability story through data.


This data will then be provided to Gevo, which will use its Verity Tracking platform to track the CI of the feedstocks from the field through biofuel production.


The three locations for the program include Council Bluffs, Iowa; Lake Preston, South Dakota; and The Standing Rock Reservation (the Dakotas).


The Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight project is supported by a $30 million grant from the USDA’s Climate-Smart initiative.


“We are pleased to partner with Gevo in a program poised to accelerate the availability of a commercially viable sustainable aviation fuel in the United States,” said Amit Pradhan, the vice president of strategy at Farmers Edge. “Our best-in-class platform, FarmCommand, coupled with Gevo’s Verity Tracking platform simplifies data acquisition and computation, enabling growers to easily verify the impact of sustainable farming practices through the value chain.”


Travis Deppe, Gevo’s senior manager of strategic alliances, added, “By partnering with Farmers Edge, their trained staff can work with the growers to accurately collect the supporting data to best tell the grower’s story.”


Grower enrollment for the 2024 season is underway.


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