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  • Ron Kotrba

Dutch pension provider APG enters 10-year SAF commitment with SkyNRG

Dutch pension provider APG has become the latest member of SkyNRG’s Board Now program through a 10-year sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) commitment.

SkyNRG’s Board Now program enables corporates to move beyond compensation and reduce their business-travel footprint with SAF. Through this partnership, APG will be offtaking 500 metric tons of SAF per year and achieving a yearly CO2 reduction of 1,600 tons to address its business-travel emissions.

By making a long-term commitment to Board Now, which SkyNRG says “is the only program of its kind to enable new production capacity for SAF,” APG will help develop the SAF market by signaling demand, which can help create future production capacity.

“This strong commitment by APG is a notable example of how aligned goals between sustainable finance and operations can form solid steps towards climate commitments,” said Theye Veen, managing director of SkyNRG. “We are convinced that this inspires more climate action and similar commitments from other corporates as well.”

Ronald Wuijster, executive board member at APG, added, “Especially when it comes to our unlisted investments, there are times we need to know the local situation well. In these cases, online or video links can miss essential information, making it vital that we be there physically. In the cases that travel is necessary, an investment that contributes to emission reduction on a larger scale—forestry, for example—the decision to take the plane must be a conscious one, accounting for sustainability. Becoming a partner in SkyNRG’s Board Now program takes this one step further, allowing us to address our emissions in-sector.”

APG is the first pension provider in the Board Now program, joining as a “Leader” with a significant investment in SAF. Other members in the “Leader” tier include Microsoft, SkyScanner, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America and Etraveli Group.

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