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Doris to provide XFuel with FEED support for modular biobased diesel facilities

XFuel announced April 25 it has engaged engineering, advisory and project-management firm Doris to provide front-end engineering and design (FEED) support for its modular energy-conversion facilities.

Doris will support XFuel’s in-house engineering team to scale up facilities that use XFuel’s unique modular mechanical carbon conversion technology (MECC).

These facilities will produce sustainable drop-in fuels from waste biomass feedstocks while sequestering carbon as biochar, creating new decarbonization pathways for hard-to-abate sectors across sea, air and road transport.

Doris was chosen as a partner after an extensive evaluation process by XFuel.

The engineering consultancy has the expertise and experience to help XFuel plan and prepare for applications to develop and construct its energy-conversion facilities.

XFuel's pilot plant in Mallorca, Spain, has a production capacity of up to 1 million liters (264,172 gallons) per year. (Photo: XFuel)

These high-quality pre-FEED and FEED projects will be essential for the future build-out of XFuel’s small, flexible and easy-to-construct refineries, which can unlock a new, low-carbon model for sustainable fuels based on widely available feedstock, and which are replicable and scalable globally.

XFuel’s sustainable fuels will use existing infrastructure as a seamless drop-in option and compete directly with other available fuels on cost.

Rapidly scalable technology, like XFuel’s MECC facilities, will play a vital role in the energy transition, something the G7 recognized in its communique following its more recent meeting, when it expressed a commitment to the continued development of low-carbon fuels across marine, aviation and road transport sectors.


“We are very pleased to be working with the team at Doris,” said Nicholas Ball, CEO of XFuel. “At XFuel we are ambitious about producing carbon-neutral fuels at a commercial scale. With Doris’ deep knowledge and expertise in the energy industry and their front-end engineering support, we believe this is the beginning of us being able to deliver on this vision to provide cost-effective sustainable fuels across a range of sectors.”


Christophe Sarri, Doris’ chief commercial officer, added, “Drawing on our decades of expertise enabling change across the energy sector, Doris is fully committed to leading the energy transition and supporting businesses to develop innovative energy projects. We are delighted to be working with the XFuel team to support the delivery of low-carbon sustainable fuel production facilities at a competitive price, safely and reliably.”


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