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DG Fuels awards NextChem process-design contract for Louisiana SAF project

Maire S.p.A. announced Dec. 6 that NextChem, through its subsidiary MyRechemical, has been selected by DG Fuels to provide the process-design package for its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) facility under development in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

The plant, expected to be operational in 2028, will be capable of producing up to 180 million gallons per year of SAF from biomass and waste resources, according to DG Fuels.

MyRechemical has been selected as technology licensor in relation to a gasification unit and a gas-treatment unit able to process 1 million tons per year of bagasse and sugar-cane trash and pulp, representing the first step for the SAF production.

“The gasification technology and the know-how to transform synthetic gas into valuable products play a pivotal role within NextChem’s technology portfolio, making Maire a key player to enable the decarbonization of the world’s industries through the circular economy,” Maire stated. “Contributing to sustainable mobility with the use of a wide range of clean-fuel solutions, including the valorization of agricultural waste is, in fact, one of Maire’s main objectives as envisaged in its business plan.”

DG Fuels is a U.S. company engaged in renewable hydrogen and biogenic-based, synthetic low-emissions SAF.

The company has established several partnerships and offtake agreements with major global airlines and is currently developing its first SAF facility.

The project meets the requirements set in the U.S. DOE’s Clean Fuels & Products Shot initiative aimed at decarbonizing the aviation sector through the industrialization of SAF.

Additionally, SAF derived from biomass or waste resources is eligible under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation established by the International Civil Aviation Organization to reduce the carbon-offsetting requirements of airlines.

“The award is a strong recognition of our efforts to implement and industrialize the waste-to-chemicals solutions developed by NextChem,” said Maire CEO Alessandro Bernini. “The industry is rewarding our expertise and commitment to technologies that support the global decarbonization roadmap. Having been selected for this strategic project confirms that our technology is best positioned in a competitive market such as the U.S., where circularity is playing a key role in achieving carbon-footprint reduction targets.”

Michael Darcy, chairman and CEO of DG Fuels, added, “We are very happy to formalize our agreement to use the NextChem gasification technology in our first zero-carbon SAF production facility. NextChem’s superior technology, extremely strong engineering capabilities and unquestioned financial wherewithal makes them the ideal partner in our efforts to decarbonize the aviation industry.”


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