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Chevron Lummus Global’s Isoterra technology selected for SAF project in China

Chevron Lummus Global LLC announced June 13 its Isoterra technology has been selected for a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) project in China.


Chevron Lummus Global will provide the technology license, engineering services and supply proprietary equipment and catalysts for this first-of-its-kind facility.


“We are honored to be entrusted with advancing China’s sustainability goals through our proven Isoterra technology,” said Rajesh Samarth, the CEO of Chevron Lummus Global.

“With more than 12 years of lipids hydrotreating and isomerization catalyst experience, we are confident that our Isoterra technology is well positioned to deliver exceptional results for this project and the region,” Samarth added.


The grassroots renewable fuels plant is expected to have a capacity of 400,000 tons per year and will process a variety of lipid feedstocks, including plant-derived oils, animal fats and used cooking oils to maximize the production of SAF.


In addition, the plant has the capability to produce renewable diesel, ensuring operational versatility.


Through this project, the operator will become a major SAF producer in the region, supporting China’s dual carbon goal of reducing carbon emissions by 2030 and striving for carbon neutrality by 2060.


To address the complexities of renewable feedstocks and maximize SAF production, the Isoterra unit will operate using a unique two-stage process that leverages leading EnRich® hydrotreating and EnHance™ isomerization catalysts, as well as Chevron Lummus Global’s rich history in hydroprocessing.

Chevron Lummus Global is a joint venture between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Lummus Technology.


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