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Chemex Global announces shipment of Seaboard Energy renewable diesel unit

Photo: Chemex Global Inc.

Chemex Global Inc. announced shipment of all modules and equipment for the Haldor Topsoe HydroFlex™ renewable diesel unit for Seaboard Energy’s project under construction in Hugoton, Kansas. This plant will be capable of manufacturing up to 85 million gallons of renewable diesel per year from waste animal fats and vegetable oils.

According to Chemex Global, this is the first modularized HydroFlex™ plant in the world. Chemex Global “performed all on- and off-module engineering for the renewable diesel area of the facility, including procuring the basic engineering package from Haldor Topsoe, completing the process and detailed design, procurement, fabrication, and startup of the unit, as well as wrapping Haldor Topsoe’s process guarantees with its own,” the firm stated. All on-module piping and structure, assembly, painting, insulating, heat tracing, electrical work, panels, junction boxes, and PLC wiring and programming was performed in-house at Chemex Global’s fabrication facility in New Waverly, Texas.

Photo: Chemex Global Inc.

“Chemex has been with us since the very beginning of this project and accompanied us on site visits before we procured the site or selected our technology licensor and has provided valuable guidance and service during both the development and execution of this project,” said Gary Louis, Seaboard Energy president and CEO.

Henrik Rasmussen with Haldor Topsoe said Chemex Global is one of its trusted partners for renewable diesel projects. “Their experience with our world-leading HydroFlex™ renewable fuels technology and their modular design added value to the Seaboard project,” Rasmussen said.

A team of Chemex Global engineers will be on-site alongside Haldor Topsoe engineers for pre-commissioning, commissioning, and test runs later this year.



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