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CEO of Quebec biodiesel firm Innoltek recognized for sustainability efforts

Updated: Apr 23, 2021


Simon Doray, CEO of Quebec, Canada-based biodiesel production company Innoltek, was honored this month with recognition for his sustainability efforts by Delta Management Group, founder of the Clean50 Awards. While the Clean50 Awards are bestowed to a small, select group of environmental champions in 16 categories for individual efforts to advance sustainability in Canada over the previous two years, Doray was among an even more elite group of honorees as he received the Clean16 designation—meaning he was top contributor in the category of renewable energy.

“I am honored to have been selected as one of the Canada’s Clean50, and even more so as a member of the Clean16 group for 2021,” Doray said. “It is a recognition for my continued effort to promote the use of our clean-burning biofuel. I am delighted to be one of the 50 most important environmental actors in Canada for 2021. I’m so proud to be a part of this incredible group.”

biodiesel plant, quebec, biobased diesel
Photo: Innoltek

Doray thanked the many people with whom he has collaborated in his effort to promote the use of environmentally friendly biodiesel. “We have made this venture a success, despite strong headwinds at times,” he said.

Stéphane LeMoine, chair of Innoltek’s board, said, “We are pleased to have Simon as the CEO of Innoltek. His recognition in the biofuel industry as well as in the environmental field contributes to the success of the company and provides visibility to the promotion of biofuels in general. Simon has been carrying the message of sustainable development through biofuels for 15 years now, and we see that his work is bearing fruit by the growth in public awareness for biofuels.”

Innoltek’s facility in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, can manufacture more than 3 million gallons a year (mgy) of biodiesel from multiple feedstocks. The plant is registered as a 19 million liter per year (mly) facility, but Doray says this is what Innoltek can produce when using virgin vegetable oils.

“Since we are operating on multifeedstock, the capacity is 12 mly (3.17 mgy),” he said. “We are currently using animal fat, but we are evaluating operating with distillers corn oil and used cooking oil.”

According to Doray, Innoltek was approved by the U.S. EPA in October 2019 to supply qualified biodiesel to the U.S. under the Renewable Fuel Standard program. The company is currently undergoing registration in California under the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program as well.

Doray says Innoltek has big plans for the future. “We survived through the pandemic,” Doray told Biobased Diesel Daily. “The next step is to double up production capacity to 24 mly (6.34 mgy), and that is lined up for the second half of 2022.”

In addition to biodiesel, Innoltek also makes biodegradable construction products.



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