• Ron Kotrba

Calumet’s early-stage Montana renewable diesel project yet to determine feedstock supply

Calumet Specialty Products, which announced last month interest in making renewable diesel at its Great Falls, Montana, refinery, held an investor call early morning March 3 and discussed the project, which is still in the nascent stages. Calumet is seeking an equity investor for the endeavor, perhaps a strategic partner in need of renewable diesel supplies.

In February, the company said it could utilize its oversized hydrocracker to process up to 12,000 barrels a day (184 MMgy) of renewable feedstock. Calumet, however, does not yet know whether it will use oilseed feedstock or animal fats, which points to a renewable feedstock supply chain that is, at this point, undetermined and undeveloped. The long-term availability of plant-based oils, the company said, is not in doubt.

Calumet indicated that if its strategic partner, which the company has yet to secure, has or can get access to supplies of animal fats, then this would likely necessitate additional expenditures for the project in order to build a pretreatment facility that currently is not in the plan.

Despite these uncertainties surrounding the project, the company says it may begin processing renewable feedstock as soon as early next year and achieve full capacity in early 2023.

To view the story Biobased Diesel Daily published on this project in February, click here.

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