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Bunker Holding scales up availability of marine biofuel to over 80 ports worldwide

Source: Bunker Holding

Bunker Holding, a global supplier of marine fuel, announced Oct. 3 that it has now secured biofuel availability in more than 80 ports around the world, catering to last-mile delivery.

With the recent adoption of the FuelEU Maritime regulation, the entering into force of the International Maritime Organization Carbon Intensity Indicator, and the inclusion of shipping in the EU Emissions Trading System just around the corner, Bunker Holding said it is ready to help clients with optimal solutions to reduce their greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.

As the demand for lower-carbon fuels is on the rise, Bunker Holding said it and its subsidiaries strive to ensure clients the necessary accessibility to biofuels at multiple ports throughout the world, having strengthened the group’s capacity to deliver the right biofuel at the right port and at the right time.

“Bunker Holding is overcoming the challenges from the green transition simultaneously with our customers,” said Valerie Ahrens, senior director of new fuels and carbon markets at Bunker Holding. “It is affecting how we conduct business in a changing market, driven by the new IMO GHG strategy and new regulations such as IMO CII, EU ETS, and FuelEU maritime. We are all in the same boat but as a leading marine fuel supplier with an extensive network and global reach, we are well positioned and equipped to help our clients. Much of our work has gone into building strong and reliable supplier relations, which are essential to ensuring we can connect reliable suppliers with the end users of biofuel globally.”

Bunker Holding’s head of biofuels, Manja Ostertag, who is coordinating global efforts to develop the supply of biofuels in key regions and ports, said, “During the past months, we have been intensifying our efforts on ensuring biofuel availability at numerous ports and at a global scale. This puts the group in a unique position as a marine fuel supplier. Providing a relevant and competitive value proposition including low-carbon fuels is a crucial part of our new-fuels strategy and key to succeed as a business, given the upcoming IMO and EU regulations.”

As part of this effort, Bunker Holding said it and its subsidiaries are focusing on the individual needs of its clients.

As every segment and business in the marine sector is different and, as a result, might have different needs, Bunker Holding, through its affiliates, said it aims to provide customized and compliant solutions.

“That means the group is providing different types of lower-carbon products as well as blends of biofuels and conventional fuels and can deliver those products not only to flow ports, such as ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) and Singapore, but also in numerous other ports,” the company stated.

During the past months, biofuels have been bunkered by the group to different segments, from cruise and ferry lines and container ships to offshore clients, and even smaller businesses.

“When delivering lower-carbon fuel solutions to our clients, it is crucial for us to work with reliable, certified suppliers that have the same high principles on delivering product quality and sustainability as we have,” Ostertag said. “Such reliable supply chains are indispensable in delivering relevant value to our clients.”

Bunker Holding is not only delivering lower-carbon fuel solutions through its affiliates, such as biofuels or LNG, but the company said it is also preparing for the evolving offtake of alternative marine fuels like methanol and ammonia.

In addition, the group said it also supports its clients in any topic around EU ETS, such as buying EU Allowances.

“As an advisor for the green-energy transition, the group wants to position itself as a one-stop-shop to its clients,” Bunker Holding stated.

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