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Booster® expands renewable diesel offering to fleets across California

Photo: Business Wire

Recognizing fleet customers’ growing demand for lower-carbon energy sources, Booster®, a leading tech-driven mobile energy delivery company, announced Sept. 20 that it has expanded its renewable diesel product offering to three new markets in California.

The move enables nearly 50 Booster-fueled fleets in Sacramento, San Jose and San Diego—totaling nearly 1,000 fleet vehicles serviced daily—to slash their greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by up to 70 percent.

This expansion marks a major milestone for the company. With the transition of these fleet vehicles to renewable diesel, Booster has converted nearly all its diesel-powered fleet customers in California to sustainable alternative fuel, reflecting the company’s commitment to continuously upgrading its product offerings to meet growing demand for cleaner energy solutions.

With the addition of these new markets to Booster’s existing renewable diesel offerings in Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area, the mobile fueling company now offers renewable diesel in a total of five major locations.

Renewable diesel is made from biomass and categorized by the U.S. DOE as an emerging alternative fuel that can significantly reduce a diesel fleet’s lifecycle GHG emissions while still maintaining high performance. Renewable diesel can also blend with traditional diesel fuels, allowing users to easily transition back and forth between fuel sources. It requires no modifications, upgrades or changes to the equipment, vehicles or service provided.

“Renewable diesel offers an immediate solution for fleets that are looking to decarbonize their operations without sacrificing performance, or requiring expensive equipment or infrastructure modifications or upgrades,” said Frank Mycroft, Booster CEO and founder. “By expanding service to these major markets in California, Booster has made significant progress in helping our fleet customers make good on their sustainability and decarbonization goals.”

Booster currently offers a renewable diesel primarily through a strategic partnership with Renewable Energy Group, a leading producer and provider of renewable diesel, biodiesel, and blended fuels (REG was acquired by Chevron earlier this year).

The partnership, which makes Booster one of the first mobile energy delivery companies to secure a consistent supply of next-generation renewable diesel products, provides customers with broader access to lower-carbon fuels.

Booster reports that, currently, out of about 145,000 fuel stations in the U.S., only 6,003 carry alternative fuels (including compressed natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel and hydrogen)—fewer than 5 percent.


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