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Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri opens submissions for Biodiesel Fleet Credit Program applications

The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri announced Oct. 2 it is opening a cost-share opportunity for county and municipal fleets—the Biodiesel Fleet Credit Program.

Through the new annual program, the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri is offering 25 cents per gallon—up to $1,000—for county and municipal fleets that utilize B6 or higher biodiesel blends in Missouri.

The Biodiesel Fleet Credit Program submissions are open now and can be accessed here.

Receipts must be dated between April 1, 2023, and Oct. 1, 2023.

“Missouri biodiesel production provides significant benefits to our state, local fuel supply and environment,” said James Greer, chairman of the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri.

“As a domestically produced, cleaner-burning substitute for petroleum diesel, biodiesel fuels both energy security and public health,” Greer continued. “With ample advantages, the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri highly encourages fleets statewide to use biodiesel in each tank.”

The program is available to the first 25 applications.

Additional applications will be placed on a waiting list as receipts are reviewed and approved.

“Biodiesel provides numerous benefits to fleets including added lubricity, more efficient combustion and reduced wear and tear while maintaining performance,” said Matt Amick, executive director of the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri. “This program is a great opportunity for county and municipal fleets to utilize Missouri-made fuel, support farmers and the local economy to provide cleaner air for all.”

Those with additional questions are encouraged to contact Amick at

The Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri, which first announced the new Biodiesel Fleet Credit program back in March, works to support the commercial success of biodiesel across Missouri, growing opportunities for all involved in production and distribution, as well as those who use biodiesel, from farmers and biodiesel producers to fuel distributors and drivers.



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