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BioD Technologies commissions new biodiesel plant in Dubai

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new biodiesel plant dubai
Photo: BioD Technologies FZE

BioD Technologies FZE announced Sept. 7 the commissioning of a 30,000 metric ton (more than 9 million gallons) per year biodiesel plant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. According to the company, the facility will utilize wastes and residues such as used cooking oil, animal tallow, palm oil mill effluent, and trap grease as feedstock, aiming to source raw materials as close to the plant as possible.

The company says it is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and audited by SGS in order to meet EU Renewable Energy Directive requirements.

“Electrification, gas and hydrogen for the transportation sector are still further down the road to have a major impact, but the natural, and already implemented strategy, is to replace conventional fuels with biofuels,” said Shiva Vig, founder and CEO of BioD Technologies. “In Europe alone, renewable diesel demand is expected to exceed 14 million tons by 2030, from today’s figure of 6 million tons. Similar development takes place in North America and the developing world. BioD Technologies is riding at the crest of this global demand wave, and will invest into larger capacity, as the current refineries are in full operation.”

This is BioD Technologies’ second biodiesel plant, according to the company, with its first having started in northern India in 2019.

BioD Technologies says its new plant in Dubai is the largest biodiesel refinery in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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