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Bechtel technology to treat sour water at World Energy’s renewable diesel plant

Renewable diesel, biobased diesel production, World Energy
Photo: World Energy

Biodiesel and renewable diesel producer World Energy has chosen Bechtel’s SWSPlus technology to treat sour water from the refining process at its renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) manufacturing plant in Paramount, California. Bechtel will provide a license and the engineering support to implement the SWSPlus technology to further improve the environmental performance of World Energy’s production process.

“For more than 20 years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what is possible in carbon reduction,” said Gene Gebolys, CEO of World Energy. “Getting to net zero is a team endeavor. Our part is to drive down emissions in existing fleet operations.” World Energy will achieve certain benefits from implementation of SWSPlus technology in Paramount. These include reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, since the ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are recovered before incineration. Also, the recovered hydrogen sulfide can be converted to elemental sulfur, and the ammonia can be used within the refinery or sold as an additional source of revenue. In addition, the efficiency of the Paramount production facility will improve because of the removal of ammonia from downstream processes, according to Bechtel.

“When leaders like World Energy implement emerging technologies that support more climate-friendly processes and facilities, it helps to accelerate adoption across the industry,” said Paul Marsden, president of Bechtel’s energy business. “By collaborating with our customers who are committed to decreasing carbon emissions, we are shaping the future of energy together.”

Since 1898, Bechtel has completed more than 25,000 projects in 160 countries.



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