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B20 Club welcomes Lake County DOT as newest member

Lake County snow plows run on B20 (Photo: Illinois Soybean Association)

The B20 Club recently welcomed its newest member, the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT).

LCDOT is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of all fleet vehicles owned and operated by Lake County, Illinois, and for the upkeep of more than 550 unique vehicles and pieces of equipment that are needed to respond to emergencies, plow county highways in the winter, conduct health inspections, and perform many other essential county functions.

Lake County is committed to delivering financially and environmentally responsible services and is proud to operate its fleet on alternative fuels and technologies such as B20 biodiesel. “We are proud to fuel our fleet of more than 70 diesel vehicles with B20 biodiesel in support of our commitment to delivering financially and environmentally responsible services that promote a safe, affordable, healthy, and resilient community for the residents and visitors of Lake County,” said Josh Wallace, LCDOT fleet and facilities manager. According to figures calculated by the American Lung Association, LCDOT’s annual lifecycle CO2 reduction is 54.4 tons, or 108,800 pounds. This is equivalent to planting 822 trees, consuming 115 fewer barrels of oil, driving 123,350 fewer miles, or charging more than 6 million smartphones. LCDOT has also implemented technology that helps with overall reduction and has reduced carbon emissions by more than 300 tons annually, not including its electric vehicles. “Joining the B20 Club is really going to help us continue efforts to reduce our overall carbon emissions and help with efforts and steps we’ve already taken to do that,” Wallace said. Andrew Larson, director of public policy and market development for the Illinois Soybean Association, said, “Illinois Soybean is excited to partner with Lake County Division of Transportation as a member of the B20 Club. In joint partnership we can reduce carbon emissions in our urban areas right now using a cleaner and better fuel that is grown right here in Illinois.”

A partnership between ISA and the American Lung Association, the B20 Club recognizes a select group of Illinois-based organizations with strong commitments to run fleets on biodiesel blends of 20 percent or greater.



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