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  • Ron Kotrba

Avfuel helps Jet Support Services clients purchase SAF, offset emissions

Jet Support Services Inc., a maintenance support and financial-services provider to the business aviation industry, has teamed up with Avfuel Corp. to provide clients with direct access to sustainability tools, resources and a carbon-offset program.

JSSI clients can now evaluate and reduce their net carbon emissions through an online CO2 calculator and purchase carbon credits to offset them. When reporting flight activity each month, JSSI’s maintenance-program clients can offset carbon emissions associated with their flight hours through Avfuel’s carbon-offset program. Each carbon credit purchased will offset one metric ton of CO2 emissions through investment in projects that positively impact the environment. All projects must meet United Nations or Gold Standard requirements. Avfuel calculates the credits based on a standardized formula that meets recognized protocols.

The collaboration is also expected to help boost adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). JSSI will provide online resources within its customer portal to facilitate the purchase of SAF through Avfuel, which supplies Neste Corp.-branded SAF.

“With approximately 10 percent of the world’s business aviation fleet enrolled on JSSI maintenance programs, we aspire to have a meaningful impact on our industry objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Neil Book, chairman and CEO of JSSI. “As research and technology continues to advance, we intend to explore many other innovative paths toward decarbonization.”

Craig Sincock, president and CEO of Avfuel, said, “We are proud to collaborate to provide efficient tools that make a proven difference in sustainability. We congratulate JSSI for being a true champion for carbon neutrality and are excited to support its admirable goals for a brighter, cleaner future.”

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