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Avfuel expands SAF supply to 3 airports in France

Avfuel Corp. announced May 28 that it is expanding its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply to three French airports.


With SAF-supply agreements at Paris Le Bourget Airport (LBG), Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD) and Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport (CFE), operators can now choose to fuel in a way that significantly reduces their flight’s lifecycle-carbon emissions.


Avfuel’s customers can consistently purchase SAF at all three locations via its Avfuel Contract Fuel program.


“Providing meaningful opportunities to reduce carbon emissions is incredibly important to Avfuel and, increasingly so, to its customers,” said C.R. Sincock II, Avfuel’s executive vice president. “We’re a global company, so expanding SAF access to our customer base beyond North America’s borders has been a tremendous focus for our team.”


The provision of SAF in France came just ahead of the 2024 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, supplementing the convention’s immense focus on sustainable aviation operations.


It also provides an important opportunity for operators across the globe to fuel smarter and cleaner when traveling for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.


Avfuel’s SAF supply, produced in France, averages a blend ratio of 30 percent SAF to 70 percent traditional jet fuel.


Made from feedstock like tallow and used cooking oils, the fuel in its concentrated form provides up to a 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions across its lifecycle.


This is comparable to Avfuel’s SAF supply in the U.S., which means a 4,000-liter uplift of the blend in a large business jet would create approximately a 2.5-metric-ton reduction in carbon emissions.


That reduction provides the same environmental benefit as recycling 109 bags of waste instead of placing them in a landfill.  


“We’re incredibly active in the sustainable aviation fuel market and are proud to be a top supplier to business aviation operations,” Sincock said. “At the same time, our team understands there’s much work yet to be done—to help foster wider adoption of the fuel, we’re always looking for ways to grow both SAF access and production. Our SAF expansion into the European market reflects that focus.”


In line with this initiative, Avfuel has made significant investments in new fuel-technology companies as of late, including next-generation SAF feedstocks and power sources.


Such companies include VerdeGo Aero, which is developing hybrid-electric power sources that run on SAF; Air Company, which is focused on power-to-liquid SAF (or eSAF) by using carbon from the air to make jet fuel; Alder Renewables, which is focused on producing SAF with woody biomass; and others.


Avfuel’s SAF availability in France is in addition to consistent supply at 17 airports and fixed-base operators in the United States, along with robust supply to numerous original-equipment manufacturers and corporate flight departments.



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