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ASL Group partners with Azzera for book-and-claim SAF

ASL Group, a prominent private-aircraft operator, and Azzera, a leader in providing sustainability solutions for aviation, announced Feb. 19 a collaborative initiative to automatically book and secure sustainable aviation fuel credits (SAFc).


ASL Group will pioneer this solution with its clients to book and claim SAF in any amount towards the emission reduction of their booked flights.


This new alliance with Azzera will foster the continuous growth of the SAF industry, according to the companies.


ASL Group, known for its commitment to excellence, efficiency and safety across its diverse fleet of over 45 aircraft, was an early adopter of the Azzera Celeste platform.


Additionally, by leveraging Celeste’s new book-and-claim feature, ASL Group will automatically book and secure SAFc at its clients’ option, effortlessly supporting even small SAF requirements on flights—particularly in locations where physical SAF is unavailable.


“Our partnership with Azzera is a game-changer in our sustainability initiatives,” said Johan Maertens, Co-CEO of ASL Group.


“It will definitely contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations,” Maertens added. “This aligns perfectly with our ethos of promoting sustainable practices in aviation.”


The online book-and-claim feature on Azzera Celeste enables ASL Group to book SAFc directly for its flights.


Thereafter, Azzera procures the SAFc and provides the necessary certificates using the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance methodology as guidance.


“At the end of each year, Azzera submits all SAF transactions for third-party audit, ensuring accountability and transparency in our sustainability commitments,” said Puja Mahajan, CEO at Azzera.


“Sustainable aviation fuel needs pioneers like ASL group to accelerate the decarbonization of aviation,” Mahajan added.


According to Azzera, this collaboration marks a turning point in the sustainability efforts of the private-aviation industry.



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