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Argus launches US West Coast SAF price

Global energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus launched Dec. 4 a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) price for U.S. West Coast markets. The new assessment is designed to meet a need for greater transparency in sustainable fuel markets as governments and airlines seek to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

SAF is quickly becoming a highly sought-after commodity due to government incentive programs on the U.S. West Coast and airline self-governance. SAF is derived from inputs such as used cooking oil, agricultural residues and wood waste, rather than crude oil. It can be mixed with conventional jet fuel and used in an aircraft in the same way as petroleum-based jet fuel. SAF has been a part of the California and Oregon Low-Carbon Fuel Standard programs as an eligible credit generator since 2019.

The new Argus price for U.S. West Coast SAF will be published in cents per U.S. gallon (¢/USG) and will assess the differential of SAF to Los Angeles prompt conventional jet fuel.

The new U.S. West Coast SAF price will be published daily in the Argus Jet Fuel report.

“The jet fuel industry will be seeking tools to understand the market value of SAF,” said Adrian Binks, Argus Media chairman and chief executive. Argus’ deep understanding of these emerging markets and ongoing market analysis of renewable fuels globally will satisfy these needs.”

Argus publishes an international range of price assessments for environmentally friendly fuels, including renewable diesel and biodiesel, SAF, ethanol, renewable feedstocks and environmental credits.

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