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Arcadia eFuels awards Technip Energies FEED contract for eSAF plant in Denmark

Technip Energies announced Feb. 20 that it has been awarded a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract by Arcadia eFuels for the world’s first commercial eFuels facility for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production in Vordingborg, Denmark.

Pre-FEED and early works recently concluded, and the parties aim to support plant start-up in 2026.

Arcadia eFuels will use renewable electricity, water and biogenic carbon dioxide to produce eFuels that can be used in traditional engines and supplied to the market in existing liquid-fuel infrastructures.

The FEED covers the engineering of the first eFuels plant that will produce approximately 80,000 metric tons per year of eSAF and eNaphtha, using novel yet proven technologies.

The eSAF complies with the internationally accepted standard ASTM D7566, FT-SPK (synthesized paraffinic kerosene), and can be blended up to 50 percent with conventional jet fuel for use as aviation fuel.

The FEED also covers the engineering of a 250-megawatt electrolyzer plant to produce green hydrogen.

The plant will be designed with a flexible product slate to also allow for production of eDiesel.

These fuels allow airlines to cut their carbon emissions proportionally therefore providing the ability for airlines and heavy transportation to meet both voluntary carbon reductions and proposed EU mandates for eFuels use.

“We are pleased to have been selected by Arcadia eFuels for the FEED of this world’s first commercial power-to-liquid project for eKerosene production for the aviation industry,” said Laure Mandrou, senior vice president of carbon-free solutions with Technip Energies. “By leveraging our engineering expertise and our collaboration to integrate electrolysis and gas-to-liquid technologies, we are committed to bringing this unique project to the execution phase as we continue to support the world’s energy transition.”

Amy Hebert, CEO of Arcadia eFuels, added, “Technip Energies is a leader in the engineering services for energy transition and has the appropriate experience and drive to ensure a successful first-of-a-kind project for Arcadia eFuels.”


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