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All Nippon Airways expands SAF Flight Initiative as leading Japanese companies join as partners

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) has launched its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Flight Initiative for corporate customers to promote greater environmental responsibility and help companies reduce their carbon footprints.

The program begins with inaugural partners Itochu Corp., the Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute and Nomura Holdings Inc.

The companies joining the corporate program will be able to reduce the carbon emissions from their employees' business travel.

In addition, Mitsui-Soko Express Co. Ltd. and Mitsui-Soko Supply Chain Solutions Inc. have joined the cargo program launched last October.

“We are excited to offer the SAF Flight Initiative to a number of Japan’s premier companies,” said Shinichi Inoue, president and CEO of ANA. “ANA is proud to be a sustainability leader as the first airline in Asia to offer a program for reducing carbon emissions through SAF, and we look forward to advancing our program together with more partners.”

ANA is taking various approaches to incorporate more responsible environmental practices into its business and for the stable procurement of SAF.

For the expansion of SAF production in Japan, ANA is working with companies through the Act for Sky coalition as well as with other companies engaged in the development of SAF.

In addition, ANA is working with Neste, LanzaJet Inc. and other overseas manufacturers to build a sustainable supply chain.

The SAF Flight Initiative will improve the overall consumer experience while also placing ANA in a position to achieve the ambitious sustainable development goals to which the airline has long been committed.

By uniting a range of programs under a single banner, ANA employees will be empowered as they work together with corporate partners to achieve the 2030 and 2050 sustainability benchmarks.

More details on the initiative, including how to register for the program, can be found here.



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