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Alfa Laval partners with AD firm to extract biobased diesel feedstock prior to methanogenesis

Photo: Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval announced Dec. 11 that it is partnering with Bisviridi, part of the BioteCH4 group—a leading anaerobic-digestion (AD) operator in the U.K.—to elevate the sustainability potential of organic and food waste recycling. 


The partnership integrates Alfa Laval’s Prodec Oil Plus decanter, designed for efficient oil separation, with anaerobic digestion to convert oil and fat waste into biofuel.  


The process, developed and patented by Bisviridi, produces bio crude, an ecofriendly alternative to oil-based fuels. 


Notably, bio crude can be refined into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), aligning with the aviation industry’s decarbonization goals and entering an emerging market. 


Lee Dobinson, chief commercial officer of Bisviridi, highlighted the value of the partnership.  


“The fluctuation in oil prices over the last few years and the need for large biodiesel companies to find new sources of sustainable waste-oil streams has led us to develop a way of harnessing this waste material and diversify the output of the BioteCH4 business, increasing its revenues and sustainability,” Dobinson stated. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Alfa Laval, merging our anaerobic-digestion expertise with their successful history in separation technology to further refine this process and potentially achieve large-scale production worldwide.”  


Carl Rehncrona, business-unit president at Alfa Laval, emphasized the commitment to success.  


“Alfa Laval’s comprehensive product knowledge and global service presence will fully support the entire lifecycle of the decanter skid,” Rehncrona said. “Together with Bisviridi, we are setting a new standard in anaerobic digestion, and we firmly believe that we can make a significant positive impact on the industry by transforming food waste and creating a more sustainable and resilient future.”  


Alfa Laval said its Prodec Oil Plus decanter, a key component in the Bisviridi process, seamlessly integrates into any anaerobic-digestion facility, offering numerous benefits.  


Prior to methanogenesis, the decanter efficiently extracts oil from organic waste, removing oils, fats and grease content.  


This allows the remaining components to be reintroduced into the anaerobic-digestion system, with minimal impact on biogas production.  


The resulting bio crude boasts impressive purity levels of up to 99.5 percent, according to Alfa Laval, making it an ideal feedstock for refineries to produce SAF. 


Through a recent collaborative effort with BioteCH4, the anaerobic-digestion plant can achieve a production capacity of up to, but not limited to, 300 liters (79 gallons) of oil per hour while increasing and diversifying the anaerobic-digestion operator’s revenue stream.  


“The Prodec Oil Plus decanter’s innovative design ensures easy operation and maintenance, resulting in minimal payback time and total cost of ownership,” stated Alfa Laval.  


The company added that the decanter is available as a standalone component or as a plug-and-play skid, allowing for integration into existing anaerobic-digestion plants and processes. 



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