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Airbus to launch Sustainable Aviation Hub in Singapore

Photo: Airbus

Airbus announced Feb. 20 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Singapore Economic Development Board to facilitate the establishment of a Sustainable Aviation Hub with a specific focus on technology, research and innovation.


Under this MOU, both parties intend to enter into discussions to facilitate Airbus’ establishment of the Sustainable Aviation Hub in Singapore.


The hub will bring together aerospace professionals, researchers and innovators to create a collaborative environment that promotes research and development aimed at building a robust and environmentally sustainable aviation ecosystem.


The hub will focus on the following key areas of development:

  • Decarbonizing aviation: To support the global transition towards decarbonized aviation, the hub will focus on research and analysis of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply chain and hydrogen-based technologies. 

  • Maintenance, services and operations: The hub will focus on advancing maintenance, services and operations within the aerospace industry, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices. 

  • Air-traffic management and unmanned air-traffic management: The hub will work on projects aimed at modernizing and improving air-traffic management systems, as well as the emerging field of unmanned air-traffic management. 


This project includes the design, development and the test and validation of sustainable next-generation aviation technologies and best practices in the industry.


The Sustainable Aviation Hub will be hosted within Airbus’ Singapore Campus in Seletar Aerospace Park.


A priority for the hub is to work in close collaboration with the local enterprises, universities and research institutions to facilitate knowledge exchange, talent development, and joint research initiatives.


A comprehensive talent-development program will also be established to nurture local aerospace professionals, researchers and innovators through internships, training courses, with and joint programs drawing the support of Airbus’ global research teams.


“Singapore is home to Airbus’ Asia-Pacific headquarters, given its strategic location, pro-innovation policies, highly skilled workforce and strong research capabilities,” said Sabine Klauke, Airbus’ chief technology officer. “It therefore is an ideal choice to spearhead such an initiative here. This project aligns with the Airbus commitment to lead the decarbonization of the aerospace sector. We look forward to exploring together to develop new technologies and invest in solutions for low-carbon aviation.” 


Jacqueline Poh, the managing director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, added, “The Airbus Sustainable Aviation Hub represents another milestone in Singapore’s longstanding partnership with Airbus. Making aviation greener is an important component in decarbonizing our planet. Singapore is partnering with leading aerospace companies to drive technology, research and innovation, and talent development to support the sustainable growth of the aviation industry.”


The longstanding collaborative relationship between Airbus and the Singapore Economic Development Board, which started nearly two decades ago, is a driving force behind this joint commitment to support the Sustainable Aviation Hub launch in the city-state.



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